Rice harvester

 rice harvester1 Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss     &n

  • 类型: Agricultural machinery

 rice harvester


1 Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss                                                  

2. Big width conveyer groove with innovated cutter bar lifting system can provide a more efficient feeding and a higher lifting level, convenient for working in paddy field and maintenance, and lower noise and vibration.       

3 Extremely strong Chassis; Excellent waterproof suspension wheel system; Easier turning & control with friction disc brake and special heavy-duty gearbox for hydraulic steering combine harvester.     

4. Down-forward straw-discharging outlet for straws with shredding mechanism to get straw pieces back to fields.Convenient for gathering by baler machine.                                

5 Higher ground clearance and Lower ground pressure, better for passing in paddy field.                     

6. New design of tension frame, Reinforce belt structure, avoiding belt being broken and track slip. And New design of all shields for easy open and maintenance.                                       

7. Sided small grain tank of 0.3CBM and Big grain tank of 1.3CBM at Option.


Engine/ Type: 4-Cylinder, Vertical Engine, Water Cooled, DI-  Injection, Turbocharged Engine
kW Rated Power: 65
r/min Rotating Speed: 2400
Feeding Capacitykg/s 4.5
Minimum Ground Clearancemm 310
Operation Speedkm/h 1.8 to 5.3
Productivityhm2/h 0.25 to 0.65
Fuel Consumptionkg/hm2 18.5 to 40
Cutter Type/ Standard Type II
Cutting Header Auger Type/ Telescopic Transverse Conveyor Auger
Reel/ Type: Eccentic Tooth (off center)
mm Diameter: 1000 
pcs Quantity: 5
Threshing Rollerpcs Quantity: 1
/ Type: Vertical Axis Flow Spike Tooth
mm External (D*L): 655*1877
Concave Sieve Type/ Grid
Brake Type/ Wet Friction Plate
Fan/ Type: Centrifugal
mm Diameter: 346
pcs Quantity: 1
Rubber Crawler/ Size: 450mm*90mm*53/56
mm Track Gauge: 1190
Rethresher Type/ Auger Spike Tooth







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1. Q: What is the warranty of your agricultural machines?

   A: 1 year guarantee for whole machine ( except quick-wear parts ), engine and gear box.


2. Q: Are there any optional parts for your combine harvesters ?

   A: Yes, optional parts such as rubber track size, grain tank and type of grain unloading.


3. Q: How long is your delivery time ?

   A: Normally it takes 15-20 days to deliver after your deposit receipt or L/C at sight.